Artwork made in therapeutic art group 



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What Is Creative Arts Therapy 

Creative Arts Therapy is a mental health 

profession that uses art making in

conjunction with verbal psychotherapy

to promote emotional, mental, and physical

wellbeing. Creative Arts Therapy offers a 

unique opportunity for increasing

communication and understanding when

words alone are not enough. As the process

of expression is emphasized not the product,

no prior art experience is necessary. Through 

integrating verbal and creative expression in Art Therapypeople can improve relationships, increase self-esteem, experience relief from anxiety and depression, improve focus, problem-solve, heal from trauma, and achieve well-being.

Most of us have heard the familiar adage: "A picture is worth a thousand words". For children who have limited vocabulary and adolescents who can be resistant to opening up to an adult, art making serves as a naturally accessible form of communication and expression. 

In art psychotherapy sessions, clients will make artwork around specific themes that can serve as a starting point for dialogue and a means of integrating emotional content. Many of the adults I work with haven’t made art since they were in seventh grade. Through creating art images, they are able to externalize their internal experience, leading to new insights that may not have otherwise surfaced so readily. For example, I asked a woman, an incest survivor who was experiencing difficulties in her current relationship and thinking of breaking up with her boyfriend to draw an image around how she felt in the relationship. In looking at her work, she remarked that she had accidentally drawn her boyfriend with no clothes. Through this unconscious slip of drawing her boyfriend nude, she realized that what she perceived as her boyfriend’s neediness was actually triggering her experience of the former perpetrator’s “neediness”. This new awareness empowered her to make conscious choices that led to increased intimacy in her current relationship. She and her boyfriend are still together and now very much in love.*   

*Vignette provided with permission.


I have experienced how transformative the power of art therapy can be time and time again. In my work with sisters transitioning out of the foster care system, boys with ADHD, children and adolescents with trauma and behavioral issues, and for many other clients, art therapy has served an integral role in the healing process. By creating maps of their internal world and courageously exploring difficult experiences, these individuals have been able to create happier, more meaningful lives.