If you have a question or would like to schedule an appointment, 
​please call: 347-674-4182


I provide support, guidance, and

encouragement to children, and 

partner with their families so that
children can overcome obstacles and

disruptive life events in order

to reach developmental milestones.

I help adolescents effectively cope 

with the many challenges of 

changing bodies, relationships,
​and self-identity as they
maneuver the tricky task of
​ushering in adulthood.

I support adults in their desire to

achieve their potential, and improve

mood and relationships. I teach

concrete skills that adults can use to

change thoughts and behaviors that

have been keeping them stuck, so that

they can experience joy and satisfaction

in their personal and professional lives.


​I collaborate with families to help them address anxieties and overcome conflicts by developing new strategies and building on individual and collective strengths through verbal psychotherapy and art therapy. To learn more about these two approaches please click under Services. ​


​I offer individual and group supervision sessions to students and mental health professionals. To learn more about upcoming groups and workshops, or to join my mailing list please feel free to contact me.