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What Is Psychotherapy

In Psychotherapy, a Licensed Professional collaborates with a person who seeks treatment to improve specific areas such as relationships, mood, and/or functioning (energy, focus, academic achievement etc.). Through exploring thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in a safe context, people can heal from painful experiences and learn new ways to cope with stressors to bring about positive change.

How Psychotherapy Can Help 

Your mind goes wherever you go. This can be

good or bad news depending on your state

of mind! I liken the mind to a garden. The soil

and weather are what we're born into and our

life experiences. Weeds spring up in the form of

worries, anxiety, fear, criticism, unremitting

sadness. If they are not dug up at the root, they will grow back. The flowers are our strengths like hope, courage, self-supporting beliefs. They need to be tended to in order to blossom and thrive. In psychotherapy, we can work together to strengthen the thoughts and behavior patterns that serve you or your child and root out the ones that don't so that you or your child can be happier, healthier, and more productive.

Important Factors In Choosing A Therapist

In some ways, finding a good-fit therapist can be like finding the right pair of shoes. Therapy is a journey and you want to feel supported the entire way. Factors to consider: 

1. Does the therapist's approach make sense to me?

2. Does the therapist specialize in the area I would like to work on?

3. Do I think I could open up to this person?

4. What is my "gut" telling me? When I take a deep breath, and quiet my

     mind, what answer do I hear?   

5. Remember, you can always change therapists. It's okay to "shop

     around" for the right fit. You and your child deserve it!