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“I loved therapy with Lily. She was always very kind to me and helped through a lot of stuff. I’ve learned a lot from working with her.” -13 year old adolescent 

"I was apprehensive about seeking out therapy. Imagining the task of summarizing my experiences to a stranger was daunting to say the least. I also didn't know how to do it. Lily immediately made me feel at ease and worked out a pace and structure that worked for me. Throughout our time she nurtured a safe and productive space for me that more allowed me to work through my own self-progress rather than taking charge on it herself. I'm so happy with my first therapy experience and the tools it has provided me for my future self care."

-20 year old adult 

​“Always great sessions and always left feeling a little lighter than when I walked in. Lily is a wonderful listener and pushes you to think about the matters at hand to help resolve them, or at least live comfortably with them. Would recommend!” -23 year old adult 

“Lily has been so helpful in my journey of discovering myself and finding out what makes me happy. She is not afraid to challenge me when I need it most, but is also so kind and understanding. I have truly enjoyed working with Lily.” -23 year old adult 

“I felt that Art Therapy was very helpful for fostering therapeutic insights and discussion when I was hesitant to traditional talk therapy.” -27 year old adult 

"Lily was very accommodating of our needs and arranged a schedule that was most suitable. Her sensitive approach to working with children immediately gained their confidence and allowed them to open up to her and produce very expressive art work in a relatively short period of time. I would highly recommend her." -Father of children, age 7 and 9 in individual art therapy

"When I walked into Lily's stress-reduction workshop...I wasn't sure what to expect. What I experienced during the hour in which Lily led our group through a wonderful guided meditation and a related therapeutic art activity was a feeling of wellbeing and support. Lily was able to help me leave behind the tension from my hectic day and ease me into a relaxed, more present state of mind. It was a perfect way to end my day." –Group participant in late 30s ​​​